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, atlanta, dallas, los angeles -- who is doing that reporting here? so much attention is focused on what is happening in mexico, we are lamenting the strengths or weaknesses of reporting in mexico. the mexican reporters, especially the regional ones, were hardest hit. it is the once in these regional outlets like tijuana. they want to know who was telling the other side of the story and who is doing the money reporting, all these narco dollars. who is doing the story about money laundering? i do not know if i answered your question, but that is certainly a kind of push back there. who is telling the big story and the small story? >> let me bring in carrie lozano to the conversation. she is a documentary filmmaker and journalist who has done a lot of work. her film "underground" appeared at sundance. also she is an emerging expert on the question of collaborative reporting, journalists, between news organizations and citizens -- she works in the investigative reporting for uc berkley and has co-founded collaboration central. very basic question -- who is doing this kind of reporting? you
on this territory that this kind of like los angeles during earthquakes season? things just keep moving around. >> it is pretty fun, but it is also pretty frustrating. it is always the practical task of reporting on dark money, you are reporting about huge sums of money with almost no idea of where it comes from with minimal ability to engage with the people in charge of the money. and only a partial knowledge of how it is being spent. weds it has brought home to me and i think a lot about some of the fundamental issues of speech and regulation, one thing we're dancing around your -- around here, but we have an irs which is a taxing agency that is enforcing groups increasingly political in their outlook, you have groups that operate and cycle a round that blend lobbying and grass-roots lobbying and issue advocacy with stuff that is more obviously election oriented. the race is a challenge for advocates or regulation because you have to decide how to classify different kinds of speech, how do regulated, how was a different from any issue ad. i do not think it is possible to do, but the sense i
in a substantial way by the congress. when we went out to south central in los angeles -- some of you may remember the riots there -- i went out there, i went to a boys club and every one of them -- the boys club leaders, the ministers, all of them were saying, "pass enterprise zones." we go back to washington and it's very difficult to get it through the congress. but there's going to be a new congress. no one likes gridlock, there's going to be a new congress because the old one -- i don't want to get this man mad at me but there was a post office scandal and a banking scandal. you're going to have a lot of new members of congress and then you can sit down and say, "help me do what we should for the cities, help me pass these programs." >> mr. president, aren't you threatening to veto the bill, the urban aid bill that included enterprise zones? >> sure, but the problem is you get so many things included in a great big bill that you have to look at the overall good. that's the problem with our system, if you had a line-item veto you could knock out the pork, you could knock out the tax increases,
that happened in los angeles that they could not report and the reporter was told not to report it. from then, it caught my attention. i have been following this since then. i think that the lack of attention of benghazi, the lack of reporting of the way this president has been conducting himself from the media. if it were not from reporters like yourself or try to report and to the right thing, the lack of integrity in this white house, i'm just really disgusted that it would not give the people we chance to honestly look at this guy without them she being who they want in the white house. i am very angry about it -- without them shaping who they want in the white house. i am very angry about it. guest: you have only two conclusions you can reach. number one, the press -- the public just does not know how bad this guy's programs are and how false he is. if the public knew, they would throw him out of office. but they don't know because the truth is being cloaked by the press. the other solution is that maybe the public knows and just does not care. it is possible that that is true. i don't k
a freight train through chicago as it does to glt it from los angeles to chicago, and that our airports and highways and bridges and all of the -- do you buy that argument? >> i'm from a town where the major bridge collapsed because of pigeon poop. yes, i do agree. jeez, we may be in a developing country. >> yeah, right. but, i mean, the next question is there a government role there? people are calling for infrastructure spending. that will mean not only construction jobs, but -- >> i got a great example. my parents were always wise enough to get me out of town in the summer. so a lot of it was spent in the boundary waters of minnesota. there is a light house there called the split rock light house. and the reason i chose that for my little business is it's a perfect example, in the absence of the investment in that lighthouse, no individual company would have invested in that, you wouldn't have opened up either the iron ranch for the u.s. steel industry or the wheat lands on both sides of the u.s. and canadian border to world trade. you needed the lighthouse. that is the sort of inves
in florida into ohio, nevada, denver, colorado, out to los angeles for an appearance on "the tonight show" last night. the president traveling again back in that crucial swing state of ohio. mittomney's camp alsgoing to ohio, out to nevada in rena and also to colorado. we will be tracking all those movements today. we want to know which issue is driving your vote. we will start on the democratic line. robert, what is driving your vote? caller: the republicans made the statement that they refuse to work with thisresident and they were going to see that he was going to be a one-time president. because of that, i think we should send this president back to the white house to work with republicans. otherwise we wld be rpetuating a dysfunctional government. we should put him back in the white house and forced the republicans to work with this president. if we do not, we are perpetuating the prophecy of this president being a one-ti president. host: : ward 2 mitt romney's trips yesterday, here is the article from "the washington times." mitt romney campaigned in nevada wednesday and had another
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